Governance, Risk & Compliance

“ If you think Compliance is expensive, try Non-Compliance!”

Governance, Risk and Compliance: What does this all mean?

Irrespective of the industry of your organisation, corporate compliance forms an essential part of successful and thriving entities. Compliance is essentially ensuring that your Company and Employees follow the laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices which apply to your organisation and its culture. This also covers both internal and external policies, rules and regulations as well as corporate governance implementation. 


Why is compliance so important?

Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering etc. sends what was a thriving and booming business into massive downward spin. This creates unnecessary tensions, financial losses and law-suits which can all be avoided by establishing the correct compliance and regulatory framework within your Company.  Enforcing the correct corporate policies and procedures lays out the expectation of your employees behaviour, ensures staff remains focused on the organisations strategic goals and ensures that your Company runs smoothly on all levels.


What we do for you:

Deppe Legal Consulting offers the following services for your company to ensure that your organisations stays on top of its game:
- Compliance Trainings (Anti-Trust, Anti-Money Laundering, Competition Laws etc)
- Vendor Management (Facilitates risk based vendor selection, relationship management and compliance monitoring)
- Company Act Trainings for Directors and Board Members
- Drafting of Policies and Procedures aligned with organisations goals and corporate culture
- Board and Equity Management 
- Due Diligence